Saturday, 7 January 2012

The hacking scandal

Research is finding out information about something or someone a person is interested in or is looking for.
One research method that could be used are using the Internet e.g. Google, Wikipedia.A person could use the internet to get some 
information about a subject.
Another research method that could be used is an Investigation. Investigations are mostly used to solve a crime and sometimes even mysteries.
Another research method that is used a lot is books. If people wanted to learn about history and Shakespeare they could look at books about him in a library.
Primary research:Is when a person finds something out about someone or something firsthand.
Secondary research:Is when a person searches up something about someone and gathers information secondhand,(not finding it out for himself)e.g. using the internet and using books. 
Quantitative research: It is finding out numerical data like date of birth of someone or the date a certain event happened or the age a
certain person died at.
Qualitative research: It is finding out information about word data. E.g. looking at paragraphs about a certain persons life or information about a book.
Wikipedia is a qualitative, secondary and quantitative because it gives out information about a certain subjects data. E.g. if it's about a famous person it would give that person's date of birth, life story and maybe day that person died.

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