Saturday, 7 January 2012

My review of the 'Slumdog Millionaire'

The movie is about three people who live in a poor area in India. The characters names are Jamal, Salim(big brother of Jamal)and Latika (Jamal's love). The movie starts off with when Jamal is an adult and is getting tortured by the police. He has a flashback to when he was just a child, he and his friends were playing cricket when a plane flew over them. Then some guards chased the kids into town when Jamal and Salim run into the local gangster who forgives their behaviour.  They keep on running until they go into an alleyway where they see there mother at the end and stop running. They go home with their mom and then the scene stops, the next scene is about Jamal being tortured and interrogated by the guards asking him how he cheated.    
I think they could make the movie a bit better by changing the beginning sequence like instead of starting off with him on the show when he gets occused of cheating then he goes to the police station so the audience know some clue of what is going to happen.

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