Friday, 6 January 2012

Research methods and techniques

0There's a lot of different methods and techniques to doing some research.

Methods: Primary, secondary, qualitative, opinions, attitudes, behaviour patterns, quantitative, memories and there's a lot more.

Primary: You go and do some research yourself like questionnaires etc.
Pros: A lot of sources to choose from/ research from.
Cons: Not all sources are reliable.

Secondary: You find something out using the Internet or a book or searching archives, etc.
Pros: A lot of sources to choose from.
Cons: Not all sources are reliable.

Qualitative: Qualitative research is all about exploring issues, understanding phenomena and answering questions.
Pros: Gives good information,could be reliable.
Cons: Not very much sources to choose from.

Opinions: It's all about thoughts.
Pros: A lot of sources to choose from.
Cons: Not very reliable.

Techniques: Using libraries, using the Internet, reading, searching archives, interviews, observations, questionnaires, surveys, focus group, Google, Yahoo

Libraries:  Have a lot of books which anyone can read.
Pros: Libraries have a lot of books to research from and very easy to access.
Cons: Library could be far away.
Easy to find the book and information that a person needs.

Internet: Have a lot of sources.
Pros: Easy to access, have a lot of websites to get information from. 
Cons: Some websites could be biased, gives more than needed.

Searching archives:
Pros: Have precise information.
Cons: Could be hard to access.

Pros: There is a lot of people to interview.
Cons: Takes a lot of time.

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