Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What I have done (Movie sessions)! 2

What I have been doing
Today we did my first scene, it was based in the school reception, me, Yaser and Fahim were the actors but me and Yaser were the cameramen. We also tried to do the 3rd scene but we didn't know our lines and we barely had any time left to do the scene. 

Today we did my third scene but we were unhappy with it so we had to do it again, we did it good but we were told we had to change the storyline because our members couldn't go to Sainsbury's so we made some slight changes, instead of the Sainsbury's car parks so we made plans to meet at school at Saturday at 2pm. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a camera with me and so I stood Fahim and Yaser up.

Today I told the team that I had made the changes to the script but i had to change the 3rd scene again and we decided to do all the scenes after school. Fahim was our camera man, I was an actor and so was Yaser.

We were going to go after school but we couldn't because I forgot to get the camera to record and no one was there to give us permission so we could take a camera out and also my friends didn't come after school.

We got our costumes, as well as the equipment we needed. Finally when the 5th period bell went me and my friends went an got changed and went out side to film/record our video. It took around 3 hours to finish doing all of the scenes (3-4 scenes) because the other people in the crew were still new to the script.

Today was our last day and I was pretty nervous how we were going to edit a 6 scenes, music and titles into a 5 minute good/perfect movie. What happened first was Fahim looked for a funny music to end it, Yaser started to get the camera because we were going to have some narration in our movie. We finished the narration but Fahim hadn't finished finding the music. We weren't phased because we were going to add the music in last, I started editing the narration clips while Yaser went to put the equipment away. It took around 10 minutes for me to finish the editing, now it was time to start editing the entire movie I first edited out the parts we didn't need in the clips that we didn't need/were useless and put the videos in order of which scene was first and which was last. Yaser edited the narration bits and where they would go as well as some of the titles. Fahim finally found the right music for the end of the video so he made me download it at keepvid.com, we added the video to our video and we were done!      

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