Friday, 9 March 2012

Documentary finished!

Documentary finished!

What we achieved today! 
Today we have finished editing our documentary which we have struggled with for quite some time, it's not distinction worthy but it is at least worth a merit! We have made an entertaining documentary and i enjoyed making this movie, we worked together and we didn't have a lot of problems accept actually making the video into a good video!

My role was the host who asked the questions and interviewed people and I was the one who found the videos in the movie. Fahim was our stage director who carried the equipment and he setup the stuff we needed in the background and he made sure most people were quiet and didn't come in the shot, well that is most people. Yaser's role was the camera man, he setup the camera and filmed all of the videos that we needed for the documentary.

I enjoyed working with my friends to make the video. On the first week we had to plan to do what we wanted to do but we did the pre-planning and 2 weeks after that week we were out trying to interview people. It was quite hard to interview people because they were in lesson or just didn't want to be in the film. We had to find people who wanted to be interviewed and had shared opinions.

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