Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Evaluation for my movie!

Evaluation of our work!

Out of all the parts of the production, the pre-production would have to be the hardest part because there was just so much work to do. The first part was thinking about an idea for our movie, we could've done a lot of things but at the time I was trying to brainstorm any idea but i didn't get anything. Until my friend Yaser said some thing about a trolley and I got an idea from it. It was about 3 friends who were playing with trolleys near the roads at Sainsbury's, then the trolley rolled on the road and crashed into a car on the other side of the street.

I wrote the script at an amateur level but my teacher Mr Pyle told me to improve on it so I wrote the stage directions, made it into a proper script and then 1-3 weeks later me, Yaser and Fahim became a team and we decided to do a film based on the script I wrote so I was exited. I still had to improve my script a bit and I still had to do my storyboards.

The storyboards were very, very hard to make because you had to draw the opening freeze frame of the scene which if you weren't good at drawing; you yourself wouldn't know what/where the opening scene was. 

1-3 weeks later they told me that they couldn't go to Sainsbury's so I had to change the story which for me meant hell but I still changed it from a story based on 3 teenage boys in secondary school who went to sainsbury's car park to play with a trolley to 3 teenage boys in secondary school who went to a car park to play some football but they hit the ball at a car and it turned out it was really good.

The filming part was very hard because we weren't very organised but we managed to somehow get it filmed and recorded.The acting was an issue we couldn't avoid because we were really new to the script and we were a bit pressured and annoyed because we had only that day to finish off the acting. I didn't do my best at acting because I messed up on the script and I didn't put in enough stage directions which meant I had limited movement.

The roles were fairly given out. I was the director as I was most fond of the script, I was also the cameraman for 1-2 scenes and was also the head editor. Yaser was also a cameraman and he was a deputy editor. Fahim was our stage manager who set up the equipment, as well as being an editor and a camera man who filmed the last 3 scenes. 

Overall on the whole I really liked working with Fahim and Yaser and this production because it was fun, we worked hard, we weren't very organised but we managed to keep going!

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