Friday, 7 October 2011

Steve jobs

Steven Paul Jobs, born in San Fransisco, California 24th/2/1955 lower-middle class and his father fixed cars for a living, high school certificate. he dropped out of Reed college after one semester. He was the chairman and CEO of Apple Inc + director at the Walt Disney company. His company is worth 5.5 Billion according to Forbes '2010' ranking he was the 136th richest man in the world.

The man who designed apple, one of the best selling brands of phones and laptops and mp3s'. He designed the iPod, I pad and the I phone.

He wanted to be a monk and study in a monastery in japan but his guru Go-bun Chino told him otherwise to go and make apple and be a rich man. Reporters say 'Imagine him if he had not studied Buddhism' and i can imagine it but it would be a bad thing because there would be no good phones in the world considering he had made some of the best phones, laptops and mp3' in all the world.
he got married at Yosemite with his wife Laurene 1991.

He was an adopted child, his real parents were  Joanne and possibly Abdulfattah Jandali but he was adopted by Paul and Clara jobs. Lisa Brennan-Jobs who was born 1978, with unmarried girl-friend Chris-Ann Brennan. Reed born 1991, Erin Siena born 1995 and Eve born 1998 with wife Laurene.

He died 5/10/11 at the age of 65.

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