Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Anchorman scenes

The first scene is when Ron Burgundy is introduced with him coming through his giant picture. Then he walks for a moment then the next character (Champ kind) in a car park is playing baseball then he joins Ron and his walk then the the third character (Brick Tamland) is in the barber shop the he joins Ron and the Champ in the streets then We see Brian Fantana behind a wall then he joins the others in the streets then they go into the news room then the studio then they Ron does the news, it shows a bar, then an apartment, then news room then with Ron again then a squirrel boat skying, then the news then the bar

  1. Road
  2. Car park
  3. Streets
  4. Barber shop
  5. Streets
  6. Wall 
  7. Streets
  8. News room
  9. Studio
  10. News room
  11. Bar
  12. Apartment
  13. Weather
  14. News room
  15. Squirrel boating
  16. News room
  17. Bar
  18. News room
  19. All the audiences watching TV(Doctors, Bar, Apartment, Retirement home)

Characters : Ron Burgundy, Champ Kind,  Brick Tamland, Brian Fantana     

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  1. Good Ashti, you got most of the scenes here. You now need to do the same for your treatment; break it down into scenes, each with a heading from my blog post to give the scene's location, and a brief description of what happens in the scene.