Thursday, 5 July 2012

My favourite piece of media!

My favourite piece of media has got to be the movie called 'Pirates of the Caribbean III AT WORLD'S END'. The reason why it is my favourite piece of media is because of all the science fiction and fantasy movies this is the most interesting. The movie is about the nine pirate lords joining together to fight the British and co battalion. They journey to revive Jack Sparrow because his soul was taken by Davy Jones after the kraken had attacked the pearl and they needed his piece of eight because he never appointed a successor. The reason they need his piece of eight is to resurrect calypso so she can win them the battle.It's a three way battle near the end and the only way to win is to beat all sides but that is not exactly easy for the pirates fighting for the Caribbean. Near the end the pirates see them selves facing a battalion of British ships and a blackmailed Davy Jones crew. The Davy Jones crew would be destroying nearly everyone if they only had their captains heart. Davy Jones heart is in the hands of a inspector who despises all fishman and pirates. What the fishman do to get out of the situation is they attack the British party on the boat but they take the ship under the sea to do so, then they get their captains heart and get ready to attack all while the pirates are trying desperately to beat the British war ships. They use their trump card, Calypso the goddess of the sea and the love of Davy Jones. She loses her human form and becomes the form she once was. She doesn't help the pirates nor any party involved in the war but she creates a giant whirlpool to sink every party in. The pirates sail towards the British ships but the fishman take out all the other British ships. So now it's a three way stand off between the pirates, the fishman pirates and the commodores ship. The commodores ship and the fishman ship both head towards the pirate's ship. Instead of attacking the pirate ship the fishman crew attack the British ship and sink it. Then both ships go into the whirlpool and have a fearsome clash. I like everything about it because it has everything interesting in it, it's very funny but very epic and it has a ton of action in it. The reason i am so into it is because of the actors personalities because jack sparrow is weird but at the same time strong and ready to go. The main actors have laughs while in battle. I love the water effects and the editing. The fact that they had a whirlpool and an unbelievably big waterfall just dazzled me.

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