Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The jackasses 5

 The jackasses!!!
Our movie is about a person who is a total jackass because he is smart but he does stupid things with his friend who is as dumb as him. We are going to use head on shots and dolly shots and also music. Use dynamics. We will use dialogue in this movie but and we will also do some crazy stunts. 

The beginning: Three boys playing with a trolley that they found in Sainsburys. Yaser accidentally falls down off the trolley after the trolley hits a car. Yaser gets up and they laugh as they run away from the site, the boys realise that they forgot to get their pound from the trolley and run back to get their money out of the trolley.The boys run away and a flashback happens to the point where the boys first met.

Then we go to the beginning of when the three met. A boy called Yaser and his friend Fahim who are wondering about in school and see a boy called Ashti(a new guy)who is a smart person however he does do stupid things. He become friends with the other two. They hang out for a bit then plan to do a funny stunt.

They plan the stunt about stealing a trolley from Sainsburys so they say where it's going to be, where and how they are going to do. Ashti:"Yo i am going to do a very fun prank, you wanna join me", they have a chat for about 2 minutes asking about what the prank is, Ashti doesn't tell them, they join Ashti in the prank then he tells them about the prank. Then they go to Sainsburys, steal a trolley and then do stupid things with it. The trolley hits a car, then Yaser falls off the trolley,  they get up, tantrum, graffiti all over the car door then they run away laughing. Ashti commands the other two to stop, they look behind each other, get the trolley, put it into a trolley shelter and run off.

1. EXT. Sainsbury's. Night.

The boys play run around with the trolley, the trolley hits a car , the trolley moves back and falls down.
Ashti:Come on, get up, let's scram man!
Yaser gets up.
Camera looks at yaser's left side.
Only Yaser and the trolley are shown in the carpark.

Ow that hurt, but i am alright.

Fahim looks at the camera in shock.
Fahim's body is shown only.

Damn. This is just messed up.

Ashti, Yaser and Fahim run away from the car and go home.
Flashback... story begins.

2. INT.  School reception. Daytime.

Yaser, Fahim and Ashti stand near the elevator in school. 
Fahim holds a drink in his hand.
Yaser holds a pizza inside.

Ashti walks innocently looking around, turning his head around.
Yaser and Fahim look at each other and have a quiet conversation while enjoying their snacks.
Ashti bumps into Fahim and Yaser. Yaser falls down. Fahim struggles to stand up and walks backwards a bit to get balance.

Sorry, i am the new guy, nice to meet you.

Fahim moves towards Ashti. Yaser gets up and moves towards Ashti.
 The three boys stand in front of the stairs. 

Watch where your going. Man that kinda hurts.
Alright what's your name?

Sorry again, my names Ashti. You are?

My names Fahim, he's Yaser. Sorry about that Ashley.

My name is Ashti, not Ashley, anyway where is everyone?

Ashti looks around nervously.

Everyone's in lesson.

What the heck you doing then?     

Free lesson.

Does he talk much?

yeeeeeeeeee. Yaser interrupts.

Don't talk for me Fahim, i can talk for myself. And yes I do talk much.
just my momma told me not to talk to strangers.

Alright, I know it's late to say this but nice to meet you.

Yaser and Fahim: 
Same. 1, 2, 3, Jinx!(Super fast)

Ashti laughs
'Later  On' sign                                 

3. INT. Near school library. Daytime.
 The boys gather around a medium sized round white table. They sit down close to each other and look at a white piece of blank A3 paper. The camera is positioned opposite of the boys so that the audience don't look at the white piece of paper.
I'm going to do something very fun at 'Sainsbury's' and I'm planning for it, you wanna join?

ummmm maybe i won't.

We're in!

OK this is what we will do, we will do this, that, all of that and that!"

Let's do this.

I'm not coming.

Come on man, you got to do this.

Alright, but if we get in trouble, you get all the blame though.

Harsh, but i agree to those terms.

The boys walk away from the library. 

4. EXT. Outside Sainsbury's. Night.
The boys are outside of Sainsbury's.

The the boys loot at the camera. 
 Ashti has a smile on his face.

Here it is boys, Prank time.

The boys walk to the trolleys and grab one. 
They try to pull it out, it doesn't work. 
Ashti puts a pound in and he slowly pulls it out. 
The boys move the trolley away from the trolley shelter. 

What! Don't you have a pound Fahim?

Ashti looks at Fahim and Yaser.

What for?

I don't.

Your supposed to have money with you all the time.

I do but I have no change. Ashti puts his hand on his forehead and shakes his head.

5. EXT. Playing with a trolley outside of Sainsbury's. Night.

The boys start playing with the trolleys.Yaser gets on the trolley. The boys laugh as they push Yaser. They move away and away from the car park. Yaser(on the trolley) moves towards a car fast. 

What the hell! Guys Help!

Fahim and Ashti run after Yaser.

Wait nooo, what you doing! Watch out. Your going to crash with that car. Oh nooo.

We are in big trouble, quickly stop him!

Damn Ashti, this is so fucked. What the hell.
Alright hold your horses. oh crap

The boys run towards Yaser as fast as they can.

6. EXT. Playing with a trolley outside of Sainsbury's. Night.

Shitt! Heeelp man, HELP!
The trolley hits the car and Yaser falls off the trolley. 

Oh shit, what the hell have we done.

There is an easy way out of this. 
The boys sigh in relief.

7. EXT. Playing with a trolley outside of Sainsbury's. Night. 
They put a sheet that has 'you got insurance' written on it on car door on the damage done to the car.
This is your brilliant way out.

Got any better ones?

No but it's idiotic.

Idiotic is better, than nothing and i don't want to get in trouble.
 The boys run away. 

Woah, woah. 
Ashti shaking his hands. 

Yaser and Fahim: 
What is it?

Ashti : 
My pounds in the trolley. 
The trio look at each other. The trio go back, pick the trolley up, put the trolley into the shelter, get Ashti's pound and then run away ending the flashback.

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