Friday, 16 September 2011

Compare and Contrast

Today I am going to review the Concrete circus video on the 4oD Youtube channel.

Danny Macaskill -  Industrial Revolutions
The beginning is started using a establishing shot showing the setting/ background and showing the title of the video and also the name of the star of the video. The next picture is of the big old railway station tower, it also shows the name of the filmmaker. The music is calm and relaxing, the background is set in an old railway station. The video is about a BMX rider who loves to do big jumps and balancing with his bike, in the video he does jumps from one platform to the other while doing spins and wheelies. This video doesn't have any medium shots in it, it uses a head-on-shot at 1:10. It uses a low-angle shot at 1:17 to show that he is on a high place. At 3:00 to 3:04 it shows that he made a mistake and is not perfect. This video uses a establishing,Head-on and a low-angle shot.

Storm origins
The story is that they are 3 adults who training to become the best but only one can so they have a race to see who can get to the finish line first so they go on a mad streak around the city.
The music is very serious and it suits the very dangerous situation, the men in black are the coaches and they are trying to kill the boys to see who is the best.At 0:36 it has a close-up shot on blue's face, at 0:38 it shows a low angle shot on the deadly coaches at 0:40 it has a medium shot on all the competitors, at 1:00 it has a birds eye view shot to show how far he is jumping. This video uses Head-on, Birds-eye-view, medium, low-angle, close-up, slow-motion and zoom shots.

Killian Martian-A Skate Illustration 
The story is about a person who is doing two things he loves together dancing and skating. He expresses his feeling by skate- dancing. He goes to england to make a video about skating and he does it by going all around U.K showing the cultures. 

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