Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The jackasses

 The jackasses!!!
Our movie is about a person who is a total jackass because he is smart but he does stupid things with his friend who is as dumb as him. We are going to use head on shots and dolly shots and also music. Use dynamics. We will use dialogue in this movie but and we will also do some crazy stunts. 

The beginning: Three boys playing with a trolley that they found in Sainsburys. Yaser accidentally falls down off the trolley after the trolley hits a car. Yaser gets up and they laugh as they run away from the site not realising that Yaser's phone fell out of his pocket .

Then we go to the beginning of when the three met. A boy called Yaser and his friend Fahim who are wondering about in school and see a boy called Ashti(a new guy)who is a smart person however he does do stupid things. He become friends with the other two. They hang out for a bit then plan to do a funny stunt.

They plan the stunt about stealing a trolley from Sainsburys so they say where it's going to be, where and how they are going to do. Ashti:"Yo i am going to do a very fun prank, you wanna join me", they have a chat for about 2 minutes asking about what the prank is, Ashti doesn't tell them, they join Ashti in the prank then he tells them about the prank. Then they go to Sainsburys, steal a trolley and then do stupid things with it. The trolley hits a car, then Yaser falls off the trolley,  they get up, tantrum, graffiti all over the car door then they run away laughing. Ashti commands the other two to stop, they look behind each other, get the trolley, put it into a trolley shelter and run off.

1. EXT. Sainsbury's. Daytime. The boys play run around, the trolley rolls down a very small hill, the trolley falls down. Ashti, Yaser and Fahim run away from the car and go home. Flashback... story begins.
    2. INT.  School reception. Daytime. Ashti walks inside the school and looks around. Ashti walks towards Fahim and Yaser not noticing them. They bump into each other. Ashti: "Sorry, i'm the new guy, nice to meet you." Yaser: "Alright what's your name?" Fahim:"My names Fahim, he's Yaser and you are?" Ashti: "My name is Ashti."                                                                                                           'Later On' sign                                 

    3. INT. Near school library. Daytime. Ashti:"i'm planning an awesome prank, you wanna join?"
    Fahim: "urmmmm maybe i won't." Yaser: "We're in!" Ashti: "Ok this is what we will do, we will do this, that, all of that and that!" Yaser: "Let's do this."
    The boys walk away from the library. 

    4. EXT. Outside Sainsbury's. Night. Ashti: "Here it is boys, Prank time."The boys walk to the trolleys and grab one. They try to pull it out, it doesn't work. Ashti puts a pound in and he slowly pulls it out. The boys move the trolley away from the trolley shelter.

    5. EXT. Playing with a trolley outside of Sainsbury's. Night. The boys start playing with the trolleys. They move away and away from the car park. Yaser(on the trolley) Moves towards a car fast. Yaser: "What the hell! Guys Help!"

    6. EXT. Playing with a trolley outside of Sainsbury's. Night. Yaser: "Shitt!" The trolley hits the car and yaser falls off the trolley. Fahim: "Oh shit, what the hell have we done."Ashti: "There is an easy way out of this." The boys sigh in relief.

    7. EXT. Playing with a trolley outside of Sainsbury's. Night. They write 'you got insurance' on car door. Fahim: "This is your brilliant way out."Ashti: "Got any better ones?" Fahim:"No but it's idiotic."
    The boys run away. Ashti: "Woah, woah.'' Ashti shaking his hands. Yaser and Fahim: "What is it?" Ashti : "My pounds in the trolley." The trio look at each other. The trio go back, pick the trolley up, put it into the shelter, get Ashti's pound and then run away ending the flashback.


      Unit 5 video production

      Aim and Purpose:
      Provide learners with an opportunity  to create a video production.
      - Pre-production
      - Production
      - post production
      1. Be able to carry out a Pre-Production for a proposed video product. 
      Proposal: Ideas; Audience; Proposal document.
      Pre-Production: Script; storyboard; shooting script.(Shot type, length of the shots, dialogue, directions, audio)
      Personnel required: crew roles, locations; Permissions; budgets;notes of meetings; equipment booking; schedules; health and safety, e.g. risk assessments.

      Friday, 23 September 2011

      My Documentary

      My documentary is about PS3 games. The most popular game in the youth of today is Call Of Duty(COD)Black OPS which is about gunfights, bombing, transportational  bombing, Air craft gunning, using modern crossbows all to kill others in a game that teaches the player what happens in the war but also gives them a bad influence because its all about Bombing. The trailer for Black Ops is :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_fsM6LBi54&oref=htt%3A%2%2 Fwww.youtube.com%2Fresu lts%3Fsearch_query%3Dcod%2Bblack%2Bops%26aq%3D1%26oq%3DCod%2B.
      Another awesome PS3 game is called Assassins Creed. There are four games for assassins creed, followin order is oldest to newest : A.C 1 , A.C 2, A.C 3 Brotherhood, A.C 4 Revelations. This game is about Assassins V Templars, As the game got newer so did the time. In number 2 to 4 it's all about revenge against the Templar's because they killed Ezio's family accept his mother and sister and himself who ran away from the town. The trailer for number 4 is :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo6Q14vBB1c&oref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fresults%3Fsearch_query%3Dassassins%2Bcreed%2Brevelations%26aq%3D0%26oq%3DAssassins%2B&has_verified=1  
      These games are all in top quality because its in 3d.
      The Questions that i am going to ask people:
      1. What are your opinions on C.O.D Black Ops?
      2. What are your opinions on Assassins Creed Revelations?
      3. Which one do you think is better?
      4. Do you think there could be improvements?
      5. Have you got any of these games if you do tell us the prices you bought them and were they worth it.

      Friday, 16 September 2011

      Compare and Contrast

      Today I am going to review the Concrete circus video on the 4oD Youtube channel.

      Danny Macaskill -  Industrial Revolutions
      The beginning is started using a establishing shot showing the setting/ background and showing the title of the video and also the name of the star of the video. The next picture is of the big old railway station tower, it also shows the name of the filmmaker. The music is calm and relaxing, the background is set in an old railway station. The video is about a BMX rider who loves to do big jumps and balancing with his bike, in the video he does jumps from one platform to the other while doing spins and wheelies. This video doesn't have any medium shots in it, it uses a head-on-shot at 1:10. It uses a low-angle shot at 1:17 to show that he is on a high place. At 3:00 to 3:04 it shows that he made a mistake and is not perfect. This video uses a establishing,Head-on and a low-angle shot.

      Storm origins
      The story is that they are 3 adults who training to become the best but only one can so they have a race to see who can get to the finish line first so they go on a mad streak around the city.
      The music is very serious and it suits the very dangerous situation, the men in black are the coaches and they are trying to kill the boys to see who is the best.At 0:36 it has a close-up shot on blue's face, at 0:38 it shows a low angle shot on the deadly coaches at 0:40 it has a medium shot on all the competitors, at 1:00 it has a birds eye view shot to show how far he is jumping. This video uses Head-on, Birds-eye-view, medium, low-angle, close-up, slow-motion and zoom shots.

      Killian Martian-A Skate Illustration 
      The story is about a person who is doing two things he loves together dancing and skating. He expresses his feeling by skate- dancing. He goes to england to make a video about skating and he does it by going all around U.K showing the cultures. 

      Friday, 9 September 2011


      A documentary is a factual production, in other words its based on a real story for example if someone died in a documentary it means that he died in real life.
      A good example of a documentary movie is MASK.
      It's about a boy called rocky dennis (Eric Stoltz) who suffers from a skull deformity, he is accepted without question by his mothers freewheeling biker friends. His mother tries to give him as normal a life as possible but it doesn't work out for him because all his high school hate him.
      People can learn a lot about someone or something in a documentary because its based on reality.
      The news is a documentary because it tells the public about reality and how its is in the outside world.